International students

International students

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The Application form and other questions

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International students can apply for scholarship here.

Do you have questions or want to know more about our school? Please contact us at:

Sunnfjord Folkehøgskule
Solvang 3 – 6810 Førde

phone: + 47 57 82 99 60


About Sunnfjord Folk High School

Information for foreign applicants to Sunnfjord Folk High School – Sunnfjord Folkehøgskule

  • offers general education, and seeks to provide each student with opportunities for personal development and maturation
  • Norwegian language and cultural training (if we have a only a few english speeking students they will be integrated in mixed classes where we use both languages.)
  • offers different optional subjects – the electives
  • is a Christian boarding school where friendship and mutual respect and understanding are important parts of our educational program

The school is owned by a Norwegian lutheran missionary organisation (Normisjon) and our educational program is based on Christian principles and the belief that Christianity is the best foundation for life.

The school situated 2 km from downtown Førde, a town of about 12 000 inhabitants.

The dormitory includes 18 single rooms and 36 double rooms for a total of 110 students. We have seven dorm units, each with its own sitting room and a small kitchen. The dormes have mixed genders, but you have always one gender pr room.

School year

2018-2019 starts at 25. August to 11. may.

Who is the school for?

The school is open to everyone, whether your background is secondary school, grammar school, high school or experience from work. The average age of the students is 19 years.

There is normally an age limit of 18.

Areas of specialization (Main Course – «Linje»)

The schools educational program includes the following Areas of Specialization:


Become an even better volleyball player! You will have trainings every day with professional coaches and focus on technical and tactical skills. Main focus on indoor volleyball. We will participate in tournaments and national league. Cooperation with local club teams.

Training trips to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Portugal.

If your level is high we cooperate whith the local top division club. They will decide if you will be allowed to join their team progam. This will be partly integrated in our school program.

Nature and Wildlife

Experience the nature of Norway, learn how to survive during all sesons. Canoing, fishing, hiking and camping. Outdoor cooking, skiing, sleeping in snow caves and much more. You will also participate in running a sheep farm where they have the ancient kind of sheep from the time of vikings. Highly skilled guide and teacher through all the activities.

Adventurous trips to Femunden which is one of the untouched national parks in Norway, and Sri Lanka.


Photoshop, digital camera, visual communication, additional traditional darkroom technologies. Global issues. Wildlife expeditions all sesons. Study trip: Nepal and Sri Lanka. Local trips to the fjords, glaciers, mountains and coast line. You need a SLR camera and a laptop for Photoshop.

Beach Sport

Playing all sorts of sand sports, training and tournaments. Heated indor all-season sand hall. Highly skilled Brazilian instructor. Training trips to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Portugal.

Dance and other sports (Dans Idrett Brasil)

Choreography and Composition. Funk, Hip-hop, Jazz, Classical ballet, Modern dance and Salsa. Also a wide variety of sport activities. Dance performances, and participating in the yearly all students muscal performace. Study trip to Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and London.

Sport Adventure

Wide variety of sports and activities. Also different wild life experiences for all seasons. You will see the adventurous Norway by skiing, canooing, kayakking, climbing and more. You do not need high skills. Nice heated indoor sand arena for all seasons. Study trip to Australia and Sri Lanka.


Instead of work and travel. Two extended periods in Tanzania and Sri Lanka. you will be trained in main subjects, which are aid, media and  cultural understanding. In cooperation with local YMCA Global projects, you will stay in small student groups, partially with Norwegian teacher and local leaders in rural areas. Safe enough and still challenging. Travelling half of the school year.


Volleyball training at certain level. It is expected that the students have some kind of background in volleyball. Torunaments, championship for Higs Schools and Folk High Schools. Study trips to Brazil and Sri Lanka.


Elective Subjects

Will change every year due to teacher variety. Choir, Photo, Volleyball, Music, Drama, Bible Study, Outdoor activities, Norwegian language and culture, Sports, Guitar, Dancing, Cooking etc.

These are subjects that can be chosen in addition to the major course and compulsary classes. Subject to re-elect in middle of the year.

Each student must sign up for at least two classes of electives.

Prices (not confirmed for 2019)

Foreign students [from inside the European Community (EU)]

No need to prepay before visa is granted.

Room and board 99 000 NOK. This amount includes all expences with food and accomodation at the school.
Registration fee 2 300 NOK is included and is non refundable. It needs to be payed when application is accepted.
Expenses to the study trips and excursions are between 20 000 and 38 000 NOK depending on which main course you choose.

Note: Some foreign student choose not to participate in abroad study trips. There will be other possible arrangments during these periods.

Foreign students [from outside The European Community (EU)/EEA area]

You must have a Visa.

Subsistence Guarantee from Students outside the EU/EEA Area

The Folk High School Council (Folkehøgskolerådet) is following up its previous memorandums concerning the subsistence (financial management) guarantee (deposit) from students from outside the EU/EEA area.

For all students from outside the EU/EEA area there is a required guarantee payment in advance. Information is found at the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) in the section “Folk high schools”

When the school has received the guarantee payment above the student will be sent a proof of admission at Sunnfjord Folkehøgskule. Students themselves must then apply for a residence permit (Visa) for Norway from their own country.

Please check current variety of the NOK currency (Norwegian Krone) at any time.

Learning Norwegian

After one year at our school, you will be familiar with Norwegian culture, scenery and people. With commitment and perseverance, you will also obtain good skills in speaking Norwegian language.

Our school is an excellent choice for those who plan to stay for only one year in Norway, and want to learn as much as possible.


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